Working With IDM

How IDM Works

What would you love to change right now in your business? What goals are you trying to achieve?

Do any of these situations describe you or your business?

  • Do you want MORE B2B LEADS?
  • Do you have ambitious revenue goals?
  • Would you love to reduce your sales cycle?
  • Do you need help maximizing online channels?
  • Do you want to find new types of customers or markets?
  • Would you love to have a consistent pipeline of prospects?
  • Do you want to win more deals vs. competitors?
  • Would you like to Generate higher quality leads?
  • Do you want to Convert a higher number of leads into customers?
  • Would your profit go up if you spent less time on low-quality leads?
  • Are you missing out on customers online (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, website, Twitter, Google ads, SEO, etc.)?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions – at least you are in the right place! We help businesses grow by helping people grow their business.


IDM provides expert level advisory that gives you a shortcut to success by helping you/your team implement proven best practices and reduce costly trial and error. We can advise you on strategies to maximize target markets, outsell competitors, and raise your prices by demonstrating your unique value points. We can also provide tactical advice on everything from digital marketing tools to sales prospecting methodologies. We are experts that work as a ‘secret weapon’ for you!

IDM also provides marketing services that generate a massive amount of quality leads and reduce your sales cycle. Our CEO (Jay Rice) is a digital marketing expert with years of experience in B2B, technical/industrial marketing. He’s formulated an approach that has demonstrated success in numerous industries. However, each situation is a little different. Unlike the big media firms, IDM will tailor an approach that matches your unique business and goals. If we move forward together with a full engagement, there is a dedicated process to ensure success.

First, we need to know where you are. What are you doing now? What’s working? What’s not working? Then, the important question is where do you want to be in the key revenue generation areas of your business (marketing, sales, sales operations)? We’ll devise a plan to help you get there. We’ll agree on the plan together and work the plan. Along the way we’ll track metrics and key milestones so that approaches can be fine-tuned if needed. The end result is the chance for you to get where you want to go a lot faster and with less frustration. You don’t need to take forever by going it alone, and you don’t need to throw away money on low quality marketing providers. Industrious Digital Marketing (“IDM”) can provide the guidance and expertise you need.

Work With Industrious Digital Marketing (“IDM”):

The steps below will give you an idea of how we work. It’s very important to us that we don’t waste each other’s time and this process ensures we get to know each other before we decide to start working together.

1. Contact & Survey Form

Contact us and fill out the survey form we send you. Fill it out as completely as possible. The survey form helps us to understand your situation. We do not accept every customer. If we don’t think we can help you we will let you know (usually within one week of submission).

2. Setup Strategy Call

If we believe we can help you, we will provide a calendar link to setup a strategy call (typically within 1 week of receipt of your survey). A strategy call will last about 30 minutes and let us get to know each other better. The strategy call will provide clarity on where you are and your desired goal(s). We may decide on the call it’s not a fit. Regardless, the strategy call is a valuable step and will be valuable for you. If we believe we can help you, we will propose options for you to choose.

3. Formal Proposal

If we make it to this stage we believe we can help and will formalize a proposal.

4. Action Plan

We’ll make a plan of action together.

5. Start Working

We’ll start working together and tracking your results. This is the exciting part!

Important Notes:

Revenue Level: A minimum revenue level of at least $1 million USD or a marketing budget of $25,000/year is the preferred starting point for most of our engagements. Our ideal customer is an industrial, technical, or B2B firm with revenue of $1 – $15 million USD/year. We do occasionally work with startups or smaller firms that are looking for aggressive growth and willing to invest in marketing.

IDM Fees: The fees we charge are higher than you may find elsewhere. We are not going to be your cheapest option. If you are out searching for marketing consulting or digital marketing a la carte and are trying to find the cheapest provider – we’re not going to be a fit. We’re here to provide top-notch consulting and marketing services and our professional expertise is an investment in your future.

Motivation: If you are motivated to grow – let us help. We’re looking to work with businesses that are motivated to grow and willing to take the necessary actions required.

Contact Us and let’s get started.