What We Do

Consulting Services

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Hire a Strategic Marketing Consultant Who Can Help You Succeed

B2B Growth Consulting

Growing an industrial business-to-business (B2B) firm has its challenges and rewards.

Market Development

Market Development is a growth strategy that entails identifying market growth opportunities and expanding the market for a product or company through new users or uses.

Virtual Marketing VP

If you are a CEO that would love to hire an experienced marketing VP as a sounding board and catalyst to drive business growth but you don’t want to spend a small fortune and a lot of time – a Virtual Marketing VP is a great idea.

Sales & Business Development

How can you drive more revenue? Are you leaving money on the table? Who are the right customers for your business? How can you identify new markets? What is the ideal sales process for each customer type?

Business Systemization

How do We define business systemization? The creation and utilization of systems, people, automation and processes in your business so that you can do things more efficiently and effectively – and get more of your life back!

Marketing Services

Industrial Digital Marketing

Industrial marketing is simply different than consumer marketing. If you are a B2B, technical or B2G firm think for a second about how you may be different than say a local dentist or consumer products company.

Marketing Funnel Automation

A marketing funnel is a fundamental concept in the world of industrial and technical sales and marketing.

Content Creation

The systematic and continuous creation of valuable content is a requirement for modern marketing success.

Virtual Marketing Experts

When you want to work with a proven marketing professional with real credentials instead of risking important work on a low-budget freelancer – we can provide you with marketing expertise remotely using: email, phone, Skype, and Go-To-Meeting.

Free Legal Consultation

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