Virtual Marketing VP

If you are a CEO that would love to hire an experienced marketing VP as a sounding board and catalyst to drive business growth but you don’t want to spend a small fortune and a lot of time – a Virtual Marketing VP is a great idea.  You probably know that the right marketing VP with 10+ years of experience and a track record of generating millions in revenue can help skyrocket your growth right?  Well, you probably also know that because of that these professionals are not cheap either.  According to Glassdoor (October 30, 2018) the national average salary for a VP of Marketing is $164,091 and that doesn’t even include bonuses and benefits.  Your cost is easily $15,000 per month and we both know that it often takes months to find the candidate, interview, hire and train and you risk making a bad hiring choice with a lot of money on the line.  Often this type of investment does not make sense.  So how about a Virtual Marketing VP?

IDM can provide you with a highly qualified and proven Virtual Vice President of Marketing at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time Marketing VP.  Our founder and CEO (Jay Rice) may be available for certain client engagements.  If he is unavailable we will suggest one of our other experts (you will of course be provided with a full background and we guarantee your satisfaction).

The goal, of course, is to grow your sales and accelerate your marketing faster than you could alone.  This generally involves some combination of re-discovering your core competencies, market dynamics, and unique selling proposition and then creating and executing revenue-generating activities to identified target customers.

We will also bring you new ideas and steer you clear of mistakes while we help you make better choices with the dollars you spend.

How a Virtual Marketing VP Relationship Works:

The first session generally sets expectations and identifies where you are and where you want to be.  In the starting phase we’ll perform a full marketing audit of your business and together we’ll make a plan of attack.  If you have an existing marketing or sales staff we can review existing processes and sticking points.  On an ongoing basis we meet weekly at an agreed upon day and time via Go-To-Meeting or Skype.  We typically spend 45 minutes together: reviewing results, and/or working through a process of strategic review, tactical review, action and refinement.   Your Virtual Marketing VP will be available via phone, online meeting & email.

You don’t need to wait until weekly sessions if something arises though (we don’t want you to feel you have to wait until the next session to deal with something.).

Depending on your service level, budget, and existing resources the work we do together can be strictly consultative, or, IDM can provide full ‘done for you’ marketing consulting with added services.  Unless agreed otherwise, any added costs such as: Google Ads, document design, printing, etc., are not part of the monthly fee.  We will work together to devise a service level that meets your needs so that your Virtual Marketing VP’s time is invested where it can serve you best.


There is no long-term commitment required.  We know your investment in a Virtual Marketing VP has to pay off or it is not worth it.  However, we do ask for a minimum initial engagement period of 3 months because it takes time to understand your business, make plans, execute, and gain traction.  It does not mean that you have to wait 90 days for results, you don’t.  It just means that when we first start together there is a natural ramp-up period and after 90 days we will make have a clearer picture of how well things are working and how well we are working together.

From the beginning, if either side feels the relationship isn’t working, a 30-day notice is all that’s required.

Service Levels and Fees

Most relationships run $3,500 per month, paid in advance for each 30-day period, via wire transfer, Paypal, or credit card.  The exact investment depends on how aggressive you want to be with utilizing our additional services and this can only be determined from an initial discussion.

You have read this far into the page because we struck a chord so the next step is to fill out the application form.

If he’s available, our CEO Jay Rice is happy to let you know if we are right for you, or if not he might be able to refer you to another marketing consultant.