U.S. Market Development Services

Increase Your Sales in The United States

Are you from a non-US company or a division of a non-US parent company?

Would you love to increase your sales in the United States market significantly?

When you have a product or service and want to enter the US market, or grow your sales in the United States – IDM is uniquely positioned to help you.  Whether you are in the planning phase of entering the U.S. market or you have an office or branch and want to take sales to the next level – we can help.  We can map out a full strategy for success, help you setup a U.S. office, or work with your existing U.S. infrastructure as an additional resource.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our founder (Jay Rice) is an expert at growing the North American sales of non-U.S. B2B technical companies.  Jay understands international business and culture.  His education includes an MBA with a concentration in International Business and he has studied a number of foreign languages (Japanese, Dutch, French, German, Chinese) and traveled extensively.  He has taken several foreign firms from low or no sales in the U.S. and created millions of dollars in revenue in a short period of time.

Highlights of Jay’s Work Growing non-U.S. businesses in the USA:

  • Grew sales from ~$350k/year to over $3.5m per year in <5 years.
  • Negotiated a $1.5 million contract with Lockheed Martin.
  • Delivered over $10 Million in sales for custom military EO cameras.
  • Negotiated with Department of Defense for Canadian firm.
  • Imported over $2 million of electronics under ITAR import license.
  • Secured largest U.S. OEM customers for German firm.
  • Established U.S. distribution channel for European manufacturing firm.
  • Created brand value that allowed company to charge +30% higher.
  • Sold foreign made electronics for key system on NASA Space Shuttle.

Rest assured, if you are a legitimate and established foreign company and you want to grow in the United States – we can help.

A Summary of U.S. Market Entry / Market Development Services:

  • Create a U.S. marketing strategy
  • Create or co-create U.S. sales or distribution strategy
  • Generate use-able market research reports
  • Identify target customers
  • Design effective sales/marketing that works for U.S. customers
  • Create target customer approach plans
  • Provide digital marketing or advertising services
  • Raise your brand visibility in the U.S.
  • Help you find key U.S. staff
  • Perform an audit of your U.S. marketing or sales efforts
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the U.S.
  • Create winning content that helps you sell
  • Consult on modern marketing and sales techniques for U.S. growth
  • Help you setup a U.S. office, corporation, or branch
  • Provide outreach services to target customers (introductions)

Now that you know some of the ways we can help you – here is a ‘painful truth’ that you need to understand if you want to succeed in the U.S. market.  The fact is that many well-funded foreign companies have been burned because they misread the U.S. customer or didn’t understand the American business climate.  Here are a few notable failures: Suzuki Motors, Marks & Spencer, Peugeot, Olivetti, Daewoo, and many more (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/burned-in-the-usa-foreign-companies-that-failed-to-conquer-america/ss-BBLmFDS).  These companies lost hundreds of millions.   Does your company have millions of dollars to burn?  If not, then be smart about how you approach the United States market.  Our expertise, although not cheap, is going to be worth its weight in gold to help you make the right choices to grow your business here.

Consider that among U.S. marketing professionals there is a clear acknowledgement that 95% of foreign companies have no clue what they are doing when they try to market or sell in the United States.  Here’s an example from Jay Rice when he was CEO of an industrial distribution firm.  He said that every day he would receive no less than 5 emails from likely legitimate foreign firms trying to do business with him by offering products, services, partnerships etc.  This is in addition to the typical Internet scams, hoaxes, and SEO provider spam mails.  These  ‘likely legitimate’ emails were from manufacturers and software companies in China, Korea, Japan, Germany, France, etc.  Why ‘likely legitimate’?  Because even though the firms may be 100% legitimate – the way they approached email marketing was (and still is) exactly the same as the spammers!  If this is how your company is approaching U.S. customers you are never going to get anywhere in the United States.

The wrong approach can eliminate your chances of success and degrade the perception of your company.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the obvious dumb things that hurt you– it may also be the mindset of your executives that will limit your success.  We know from experience that many executives in technical firms think that their technical expertise and sharp intellects make them smart enough to figure out the marketing and business development on their own.  Good luck with that.  Review the list of failed foreign firms.  The chance of failure is much higher if you enter a market without the expertise and know-how required to succeed.  IDM brings that expertise so we reduce your risk and multiply your chances of success.

Lastly, if you are serious about succeeding in the United States market be prepared to invest.  An investment in our services is significantly less than learning a lesson the hard way.  Hiring an experienced U.S. executive will cost you in the range of $100,000 USD or more per year.  You can hire IDM for much less, on a flexible retainer and we can limit your risks and greatly enhance your success.

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Important Notes:

Due to our expertise in this area our company and our founder are often asked if we will serve as a distributor or manufacturer’s rep.  To be clear, we are not a distributor and we do not provide distribution or rep services.  Although, we are certainly able to identify and approach the right channel partners on your behalf and help you in setting up a channel.  We can help you create a channel from scratch or further develop an effective channel.   The fact is that we are subject matter experts at U.S. market development so our work is consultative in nature unless we mutually agree to provide marketing services as an add-on or to supplement your staff or channel.  This does not mean we will sell for you or work on commission.  Our model is a fee-based model with a fixed amount and in some cases this includes a variable percentage, but we do not work on 100% commission.  We can augment your sales with sound expertise and grow your leads with marketing but the sales part is up to you/your resources.   Our work is unique, valuable, and guaranteed.

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