Strategic Marketing Consulting

Hire a Strategic Marketing Consultant To Help You Succeed

Many business owners and entrepreneurs face much larger competitors in already competitive markets.  A competitive advantage is needed.  When you have a small-medium business and you want to ramp up your marketing and sales processes we can help.  Instead of plodding along trying to figure everything out on your own we can provide you with strategic marketing consulting that leverages your unique strengths and helps you to ‘move the needle’ in revenue, profit, and market growth.

With proven track records our strategic marketing consultants will help your company understand and leverage modern marketing techniques to dominate your market.

We’re Different From Other Marketing Consulting Firms

With experience as successful CEOs and marketing executives at entrepreneurial firms we can offer you advice and ideas that quickly translate into dollars.

Why Hire IDM For Strategic Marketing Consulting?

  • Gain New Revenue-Generating Ideas Quickly
  • Top-Notch Marketing Expertise
  • Cost-Effective

A fast growth mindset means you are always looking for new ideas to propel your business forward.  Yet many businesses fall into the trap of doing what everyone else in their industry is doing.  They see a competitor placing an ad in a magazine so they go ahead and place an ad there too.  Or they spend a small fortune every year on the same trade show that everyone else in their industry attends – year after year – with about the same results.  This is what ‘most’ businesses do and why most businesses get stuck in a rut.  Are you ready to break free of the same old results?

Growing means breaking out of the cycle and opening your mind to new ideas while investing in new revenue generating activities.  That’s why businesses come to IDM.  You can leverage our expertise in a range of innovative modern marketing strategies, tools, and tactics that would take you years of painful trial and error to learn on your own.

Hiring IDM is cost-effective because you do not need to hire and train us as you would full time staff.  You don’t need to spend $200,000 per year on a seasoned marketing executive when you can hire us at a fraction of the cost.

We understand you may have initial reluctance or budget restraints and that’s why we offer a number of flexible engagement options.  If we decide to move forward together here are a few of the ways we might work together.

Consulting Engagement Options

  • 1x Strategy Session
  • Weekly Strategy Calls
  • Monthly Strategy Calls
  • Special Projects

Want to get started?  Apply for a one-time Strategy Session.  We’ll send you a short questionnaire to understand your situation.  If (and only if) we believe we can help you we will send a link with payment options and available times.  Your session will be 100% satisfaction guaranteed (or your money back).

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