Local Digital Marketing

Local Business Digital Marketing

At IDM we provide local digital marketing services generally as an add-on or included as part of a digital marketing package for a B2B company.  For example, having radius based Google Ads is a great way for a B2B, national, or industrial firm to gain new leads right from their own backyard.  On rare occasions we provide local digital marketing for local-only small businesses.  For example: Dentists, Chiropractors, Realtors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.  Why rare occasions?  Well, first because our specialty is national marketing for companies with revenues of $1 million+ (which often excludes local businesses), and second because the firms we work with have a higher level of sophistication than the typical small, local business.  Simply put, most small local businesses either can’t afford us, are too cheap, or don’t have a good grasp of marketing basics to understand or utilize all the things we do for them.  The utilization issue is a big one.  Our job is to ‘ring the cash register’ for our customers.  To get full value from our services a business needs to have the capacity to follow-up on leads.

Here’s what we mean – let’s say in month one we deliver 25 new leads per week to a local Chiropractor.  Great, right?  It is only great if that business has the capacity to follow-up (or decides to have us install an automated follow-up system).  Otherwise, if they don’t follow-up appropriately they may claim that ‘marketing doesn’t work’ and flake out on us by cancelling our contract or whatever.  Not good.

We’re not picking on small business owners here – just stating some of the reasons that 99% of our clients are B2B and why we only work with a select number of small businesses and it is only about 1% of our business.  Why do we even have a local business digital marketing page at all?  Good question given that you can find a marketing agency on nearly every corner in a big city that claims they can help your business grow.

Here’s the good news.

For that 1% of local small businesses that we do accept as clients – our services can literally be a game-changer.   If you have the right mindset, funds for marketing investments, and the capacity to follow-up on new business – we can help transform your business by providing an unmatched range of digital marketing services and/or coaching.

Sorry, we cannot accept every client.  Due to the high level of demand for our services you will need to fill out a new client application.  We will review your application within 1 week and let you know if we can help and have availability to help.  Thanks in advance for understanding.