Industrial Digital Marketing

Industrial B2B Digital Marketing

Industrial marketing is simply different than consumer marketing.   If you are a B2B, technical or B2G firm think for a second about how you may be different than say a local dentist or consumer products company.  Your needs are different.  Your target markets are different.  Your sales cycle is different.  Your buyer is different.  Your competition is different.  Would you agree?

If you agree then why would you choose a marketing provider that focuses on consumers or local businesses and doesn’t understand you?   That may be why you are reading this because at IDM we are the experts at Industrial Digital Marketing.  Our background in B2B technical fields combined with our expertise in digital marketing services for business-to-business will provide you with the winning combination that can take your marketing ROI to new heights.

Are you having any of these issues?

  • Not enough leads?
  • Sales growth below expectations?
  • A website nobody visits?
  • Inadequate website lead capture / website conversion?
  • Unsure how to use social media for B2B?
  • Low marketing ROI?
  • Unsure how to target buyers?
  • Inadequate marketing resources?

IDM can help you with all of the above – and more.  Every B2B firm has different requirements, budgets, and objectives.   We tailor our digital marketing services to meet your unique needs.  Even if you have fallen into the trap of hiring a flashy marketing firm that provided you with a bunch of worthless social media ‘likes’ or ‘tweets’ – it’s not your fault and it’s not too late to let IDM help!

What is the Status of Your B2B Marketing?

Do you have a marketing department?  Or, are you the marketing department?  Either way, we can tailor a plan that meets your needs.  Some clients would have us work together with their in-house team or outside providers.  That’s no problem, we can blend right in and add value in the right places.  Or, perhaps you’ve been growing your company and focusing on the technical side and customers have been acquired at random from sales efforts or that mysterious force called, “Word of Mouth.”  Well, word of mouth is great but you can’t really measure it or control it by hope alone.  We can assist you in creating a plan from scratch, providing a 3-month ‘accelerator’ or adding more marketing ‘fuel’ to grow your sales.

Why IDM for Industrial B2B Marketing?  The IDM Advantage.

We’ve mentioned previously what you already knew – that industrial marketing or B2B marketing is quite different than consumer or B2C marketing.  IDM has unique expertise in that regard and that alone can make all the difference.  But wait – there’s more!

We have a massive advantage over other marketing firms who claim to do B2B marketing.  The ‘IDM Advantage’ will be very important to you.  Unlike other firms who simply give you a specific service (SEO, FaceBook Ads, LinkedIn Marketing, etc.) we take a different approach.  Our approach is based on selecting and utilizing the marketing mix components that are best for your specific business, budget, target market, and needs.  Makes sense, right?  We take it one step further.  Before we work with you to create our list of recommendations and start executing – we map out a strategy so that the marketing we do for you is built upon a solid foundation.  Most firms don’t do this and that’s how we can propel your marketing forward rapidly the right way.  We can do this as part of your digital marketing package or by adding in our consulting services.

Consider these questions you may have:

  • Should I use Facebook for B2B?
  • How Can LinkedIn help my business?
  • What are the right keywords for my industrial business?
  • How can I increase leads on my industrial website?
  • Is YouTube a good channel for my manufacturing business?
  • How can I use inbound marketing to grow leads?

On and on.

The answers to ALL of those questions from IDM is: It Depends.

It depends on your, your needs, your budget etc.

By answering the ‘it depends’ questions and figuring out the right way to approach our work with you – we save you a Fortune and deliver results you won’t find elsewhere. 

This option suits:

Any growth-minded B2B company with annual revenue of $1.5-$15 million that wants to leverage the power of modern marketing and take their marketing results to the next level.