Business Systemization

Business Systemization

How do We define business systemization?  The creation and utilization of systems, people, automation and processes in your business so that you can do things more efficiently and effectively – and get more of your life back!  

Why Systemize?

  • Grow your business faster, farther, and with fewer personnel
  • Scale your business
  • Increase predictability
  • Gain back personal time
  • Sell your business
  • Increase value of your business
  • Enjoy time away from the office

How Systemization Can Help You: Jay Rice’s Story:

When you systemize a piece of your business you make it predictable and manageable.  It takes time to do it right but once you do – you get more time back.   Here’s a simple example, McDonald’s.  They are a global corporation with billions of dollars in revenue based on hiring teenagers at minimum wage to prepare food.  Now we know that your business is not as simple as making a burger, obviously.  But the point is that you can systematize even the most complex businesses to a high degree if you know how.  A case in point is our founder, Jay Rice’s experience in the machine vision industry.  This was an extremely complex business with many in that industry spending years learning all about physics and photonics.  Jay had a marketing background and no prior experience but entered the industry as a VP of Marketing & Sales for the U.S. division of a European manufacturer.  His division was doing about $350,000 per year and he was the only employee.  But, he grew that division to over $3.5 million per year within 5 years and he used the right systems to do it.  With those systems in place Jay was able to enjoy a nice income on a leisurely schedule that allowed him to spend time with his family as well as learning foreign languages (Japanese and Mandarin) and practicing jujitsu.   He was doing well and they promoted him to CEO of the U.S. division.  Was this a fluke? No!

Systemization Lets You Travel The World!

After Jay used systems to grow his last company he started RCT, a distributor of extremely complex industrial, scientific, and military cameras that were often made overseas and need to be imported into the United States with special licenses.  These cameras ranged from visible to long wave infrared and often cost over $30,000 for a single camera.  Many customers had advanced degrees in physics or years as optical engineers.  These were not commodity products and each sale could take months.  This business was the opposite of a McDonald’s!  But, Jay used systems and automation once again to grow the business from literally zero to over $1.5m USD in three years with just a small staff.  More interesting, he used systems to travel the world.

Despite the complex nature of the business and in addition to all the responsibilities of growing a company (and a young family) the travel bug was too hard to resist.  Jay and his brother would travel somewhere exotic every summer.  He used systems to totally unplug from the office and only traveled with a backpack (no laptop) all over the world.  His travels took him on adventures like a safari in Africa, jungle trekking in the Amazon, motorcycling in Cambodia, and desert camping in the Sahara.  The systems and processes worked while he was away and prevented catastrophes.  These are the types of things you can do, too.  If Jay can put together systems for these businesses then putting them together for yours will be no problem.  Challenge us!

Systemization Lets You Sell Your Company

One of the great things about putting systems in place and using automation is that not only will you experience time freedom you can only dream about but you can also sell your company.  Think about it.  What would you rather buy – a disorganized business where the owner is the business, or a well-oiled machine that allows the owner to earn predictable income with time freedom?

Another part of Jay’s story is how he sold RCT.  For a long time he had been tied to an office lease, physical location, etc. and he decided to make the company virtual. This last step was the ultimate systemization because it allowed an out-of-state buyer to easily buy the business.  Although not all businesses can be virtual, there are elements of every business that can and should be so they can be manageable remotely.  We can help you do that too.  Last but certainly not least – Jay used an automated marketing funnel to educate potential buyers about his company and generate interest.  This is how Jay ended up with several interested buyers and the ultimate purchaser of his business while he was backpacking through Vietnam.

If you ever want to sell your business the time to systemize it is now.  Well really it was yesterday but if you didn’t do it yet then you better start right now!

Jay Rice is a world-renowned pro at systemization and marketing automation so there is no one better to help you.    

Schedule a call today.  The potential to systematize your business will blow your mind!