About Us


Industrious: In.dus.tri.ous (adjective): Diligent. Hardworking. Steady. Tireless. Indefatigable. Clever. Skillful.

Are You Meeting Your Growth Targets?

When you work with Industrious Digital Marketing (“IDM”) you will find us to be the marketing partner you wish you had all along – and more. Why? We get you. You operate in the world of: B2B, B2G, technical, manufacturing – or all of the above. We understand industrial, business-to -business, business to government and technical marketing 1,000 times better than some local business marketer or over-priced brand building ad agency ever will. It’s not a knock on other marketing agencies because many of them are great for other types of businesses – but not for yours. We know your world because we live in it. This is what we do. That’s why we are better positioned to help you succeed.

It is true that all business is ‘P2P’ (person to person) and there are certain business principles that apply to every business. Yet, the nuances of B2B cannot be ignored. Hiring a marketing firm who does not understand these nuances can cost you a small fortune and waste a lot of your precious time. I presume that’s why you’re here today? If so, let’s see how we can help you.

A few of the industries we’ve worked in:

  • SAAS 
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Military Electro-Optics
  • B2B manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Computer products
  • Semiconductors
  • Industrial distribution
  • Ecommerce for B2B
  • Infrared Cameras
  • Industrial Microscopes
  • Software
  • Night Vision Systems
  • Industrial imaging
  • Military electronics
  • Government Contracting

Take a look at our service offerings or contact us about your specific situation.  If we believe we can help you – we will let you know and if not – perhaps we can refer you to a trusted provider that is a better fit.  Either way, we’re glad you stopped by our website and we look forward to understanding your needs.